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The NightHunter ONE is the world’s longest range, most powerful compact illumination system and is combat-proven by the U.S. Armed Forces worldwide.

The NightHunter 3 defines a new level of performance in light weight handheld illumination tools. The durable NightHunter 3 has an extended battery life (90 minutes on a single charge), ultra-fast 2 hr internal battery charger, and is waterproof.

The NightHunter EXT provides the same great illumination range of the original NightHunter with built-in mounts for platforms, helicopters, trucks or boats.

When it’s dark, the one who sees the other first has the advantage. The NightHunter® is the world’s longest-range and most versatile compact illumination system that allows you to see over a mile away. Employing Xenonics breakthrough illumination technology, the NightHunter delivers a uniform, brilliant beam without the “black hole” that obstructs the field-of-view in all other illumination products.

The NightHunter® can be used on foot, from vehicles, boats, and helicopters or fixed mounted – and is the ultimate in versatility. Powered by its internal rechargeable battery or from any 12-32 VDC power source. Waterproof. Attach an optional IR filter to significantly boost the range of your night vision or low light video equipment, or an ultraviolet filter to fluoresce objects for marking, identification, forensics, etc.

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