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CW3, OD - Automotive Maintance Officer - 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment - 4th Brigade Combat Team - 3rd Infantry Division (M) - FOB Iskan "Thank you very much for the note; I regret I have not been very timely with my response back to you. Things are going fairly well here in our sector south of Baghdad. We use many of your products, chiefly the Night Hunter II spot light type flashlight. It is particularly handy for identifying IEDs, EFPs and traffic control. I was on a nighttime patrol last week and it did a great job and had no problems at all. It even held a good state of charge; we were on the road for several hours. My Platoon Sergeant saw how the light works and was amazed at its capability; he had not seen the Night Hunter before. So please pass my thanks to all your workers for a great product that has a definite positive impact on operations here and is helping save lives. Take care!"

82nd ABN DIV, KAF 09355 " The Night Hunter II provides a level of security during nighttime operations and especially in blackout conditions that it unquestionably transforms the battlefield entirely.  It definitely tips the scales towards our favor.

The feeling of knowing only our men could see the beam at night with the IR filter added a new level of confidence, increased the lethal precision of our attacks, and helped build unquestionable target identification of the enemy.  The uses are almost limitless.  We have used them at night under black out conditions to light up DZ's in Iraq.  We have used them in blocking positions at night with the white light.  I have used the white light recently here in Afghanistan at night while traveling in a convey to signal civilians driver to pull over out of our way.  It is completely non-lethal and in my experience its applications are only limited by the soldier’s imagination"

US Army " I want to thank you for your greeting and for the fantastic service and support you and your folks provide to Soldiers. When I handed over repaired lights to Soldiers they were extremely happy to have them and praised them after the first night mission using it. I will also never forget the impact your Night Hunter had on vehicles that were approaching our convoy. In Iraq it gets real nerve racking when a vehicle is approaching at high speed toward your convoy. Most Iraqi know to avoid the convoys but occasionally a car especially at night approaches with abandon. I am a firm believer that your lights have saved lives. Used to aim right in front of the oncoming vehicle 98% stopped immediately and if they continued all stopped when the beam was directed to the windshield. This saved Soldiers lives for sure but I am also convinced that it saves many civilians that just don't think about where they are driving."

3/5th Marines "We have 16 of your Night Hunter II and they are Saving Lives at night!"

2BCT/10th MTN "It (NightHunterII) has saved lives over here with the IR capability."

CENTCOM "I was on a convoy in Iraq this week that was traveling over the highways. The NightHunter by far the brightest and most feared light in your eyes asset was used repeatedly to stop vehicles from coming near the convoy at night. The pencil beam shining from the gunner’s turret always made the vehicles stop in their tracks just by holding it over their heads and slowly lowering it toward their vehicle. Only one kept coming and when the light hit his vision he stopped immediately over 500 yards away. As we rolled through towns the NightHunter brilliantly lit up the activities along the route of march."

3/504th PIR/82nd Airborne "...our security position was locked in place in such a way that nothing was getting in or out. However with that kind of mentality situations become prevalent in ways that one can't plan for. We arrived at dusk and by night fall the lights of the city added a dimension we weren't quite prepared for. The lights in the city would flare our NVG's causing certain areas in our sector of fire to become almost impossible to view thus limiting our field of vision. This is where having an IR light became literally a life saver. Having your NightHunter II to spot check areas of concern helped kept the men much safer. It also added a piece of mind knowing NO ONE other than coalition forces with NVG's could see the IR beam.

USMC 1st LAR Bn Wpns Co 3rd Plt "Your NightHunter light has been an incredible asset to my Marines and mission accomplishment for us. For Land Nav my point man has been able to spot roads in the darkness that we would otherwise not see until after the fact. If we use the light as a white light asset I can blind someone to the point that they have to stop all movement and they don't see us until we are on top of them. From a distance we can mark our position with the IR lenses on it. This has helped up bring CASEVAC to our positions faster and to allow other friendly forces know where we are. In difficult to impassible terrain the light has made it possible for us to find away through in a manner that enabled us me to meet a mission time table. Ever since the bulb has gone out in my Night Hunter, I have notice a degradation in unit capabilities and I have had to put my Marines in situations that were less safe. Thank you again for producing such an awesome product."

10th Mountain 1BCT "My Brigade is currently conducting combat operations in Baghdad and we have found your handheld model to be extremely effective."

3rd ID B Co 3/7 IN "...let me tell you first hand how great of an impact they have made. I truly believe these lights have provided us with a great amount of force protection. We use them on nearly every night patrol we do in the Baghdad area to search for explosives."

3/4th Marines "We ‘whitelight’ people that are out after dark but not doing any real harm that we can assess. Just to let them know that we see them, and they're not as sneaky as they think they are. We use it to determine if there are wires coming from things to indicate an IED... such as dead animals, bags on the side of the road and newly poured concrete curbstones. We scan the river for intruders, I've lent it out to the watch posts and they don't want to give it back until it dies on them. We've used it for illumination for vehicle repairs, blinding detainees so that they cannot determine who is identifying them as criminal... it's daylight in a box. The Nighthunter isn't valuable... it's invaluable."

CENTCOM "Once again I want to thank you for your generous support of our efforts here in South West Asia. In these days of sensors and spy satellites we still are so dependant on the great product you make to see the level of detail that often means the difference between life and death. I am keeping you and your company in my prayers since you are such a vital support to what is right and just in this world which spends half of the time in the dark. Thanks again for the best light I have ever had the privilege of splitting the night with."

3rd ID 703rd BSB "...we employ your product for IED detection, blind and direct drivers of vehicles we believe to be a threat, and scanning our routes for insurgents. We have utilized your equipment in over 180 convoy escorts, covering over 5000 miles in the greater Baghdad area. The NightHunterII have performed as needed every time."

3rd ID 703d FSB "Your product is loved by our soldiers that use it. Our convoy support section, which ride in guntrucks, use your light to spot under bridges for IEDs, to warn oncoming vehicles off and to check for snipers. It is really an impressive product, and our soldiers love using it."

A 2-107 Cavalry, Camp Bondsteel "They are the best thing for night ops I have ever seen."

75th Ranger Regiment "...the new lights are great. We used them on the RSOVs and dismounted force on force and found that they are the best IR illuminator and target designator we have. Very rugged, dropped one out of an RSOV going about 25 mph on hardball and it still worked with no damage to the light. Definitely an improvement and well worth the effort to get them."

75th Ranger Regiment "Highest marks possible. Work great. IR cover is great. The boys used them with the RSOVs and they totally dig them. Thanks for your work on it."

Delta Company/1st Battalion/325th AIR/82nd Airborne "While using the NightHunter in conjunction with their PVS-14s, the gunners were able to spot, identify, and effectively engage targets at ranges in excess of 1500 meters. These results were awesome! We also used the NightHunter on blocking positions, support by fire positions, and checkpoints. The results during these events were just as great. The leaders were able to identify enemy soldiers and vehicles at great distances, thus allowing them to direct fire and destroy the threat before the enemy could effectively use their weapon systems. Also, we were able to distinguish between friendly and enemy personnel and vehicles, thus eliminating the possibility of fratricide during our training operations. The NightHunter enabled us to accomplish our missions with greater effectiveness and safety. It seems to be an awesome product that would definitely be a combat multiplier in any combat ready unit."

1-327th IN/101st Air Assault "Just wanted to let you know that last month we received our NightHunterII, I was under the impression that it was a dead deal. We are very grateful to whoever it was that got the deal completed. Too many times the appropriations personnel don't really understand what we need. I had been in touch with our Division Master Gunner to try and get them and I am just glad that we have them now. We have used them extensively over the past three weeks. Recently we have employed them on our OP's. Since about November we have come under regular rocket attacks, 107mm and 122mm, real nasty stuff. Anyway, we use the NightHunterII IR capabilities to increase our visual range. They are most effective when used toward built-up areas. Our NVG's (PVS-14's) suffer greatly from the ambient light from electrical sources. The NightHunter really cuts through that."

A Troop, 1-7 Cavalry, 1st CD "We recently received NightHunterII illumination systems for use on our patrols around Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, and our soldiers are excited and have nothing but good to say about them."

HHC 1-161 IN 3BCT 1 CD "We were issued 4 of your NightHunterII's and we need about 7 more, my BN commander wanted me to see if you can give me a quote on the 7 more we need."

D Troop/9th Cavalry - 2 BDE/1CD "My Reconnaissance Troop has four of your NightHunterII's, and we love them. With the IR cover we can paint targets for helicopters with no room for error up to 500-600 meters away. Simply awesome. And the white light is essential for working check points outside of Baghdad. One shot from the Night Hunter and we see everything." CPT Will Hickok

DIVARTY/4th Infantry "Received the first 188 lights. Awesome. They will make a big difference for our soldiers. Personally pulled one out last night and checked it out. It really does an awesome job. Just wanted to say thank you for your help and patience."

1-327th IN/101st Air Assault "Our request to you was an attempt to gain access to this equipment through a local purchase, unfortunately one the Army has considered purchasing them we have blocked from doing so. I truly hope that we can get these lights soon, in quantities of greater than 64. I can not stress the importance these lights have made for us, in fact it would almost seem that this light was designed for this type of warfare. Can you imagine what an advantage it is to be able to illuminate the road you are traveling on with the NightHunter in IR. We can see things long before they become problems for us and right now those problems are IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and ambushes."

3/4th Marines "LOVE this thing. When I told the guys we should be getting a cable adapter in a couple weeks they were SO relieved. We kinda base our patrols around how long the nighthunter will last. One of the best advantages of the light, one of my Marines said, was that you can use it on the move. Thermal scopes are awesome, we have ton of experience with them... but you cant use them while you're moving."

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