What is SuperVision®?

Nothing less than a paradigm shift in “night vision” technology, SuperVision utilizes a sensitive and sophisticated multispectral sensor to capture infrared and low level visible light and digitally process the information into a sharp clear HDTV high-resolution display.

Product Features

> 2-8x Zoom Magnification
> Digital CCD Technology
> High Resolution Display
> Lithium-ion Battery

> Ruggedized Housing
> Comfortable Hand Strap
> Pre-Set Gain Controls
> Easy Carry Bag

Technical Specifications

> Resolution: 1280×720
> Magnification: 2x-8x zoom
> Focus: 6” to infinity
> Min. Illumination: 0.00005 lux

> Field of View: 525’ at 1000 meters
> Weight: 20 ozs.


SuperVision’s performance compares to military-grade (Gen III) night vision, and provides: greater resolution, better clarity, longer range and zoom capability. SuperVision’s patented digital technology offers a 2x to 8x zoom magnification, high resolution HDTV display, and proprietary DSP technology, something no other form of night vision can match. SuperVision puts big, bright digital video in the palm of your hand. For people who work and play from dusk ‘til dawn, there is no better tool than SuperVision.

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Getting Started


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Market Applications

> Law Enforcement
> Search & Rescue
> Tactical / Military

> Hunting / Scouting
> Marine Safety
> Home Security

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